Germany’s leading High-End Hi-Fi specialists T+A elektroakustik expand its successful portfolio of headphones. The new Solitaire P-SE will be available from the 25th January 2021. The Solitaire P-SE shares its heritage with the Solitaire P and produces the performance audiophiles have come to expect from T+A headphones. RRP of US $3600 / £3000.

The Solitaire P-SE has been designed using the original Solitaire P as the base and has retained key design elements such as chamfered ear cups. T+A have replaced aluminium parts with high quality synthetic compound to reduce production costs and overall weight. The P-SE features a new transducer unit (the TPM 2500), with new membranes and filters, all of which are new developments. The Solitaire P-SE is hand made in Herford Germany and is available in the new elegant black matt finish.

“The Solitaire P was an instant success. These reference headphones are now recognized for their excellence all over the world, and we want to build on that,” says Siegfried Amft during the presentation of the new Solitaire P-SE.

However, the Herford engineers have not just chamfered the external housing of the Solitaire P. “We certainly intended to differentiate the Solitaire P-SE from its big brother, but not just by its external appearance,” explains Project Manager Sebastian Kobelt. “That’s why we introduced a modified transducer in addition to the external changes.” The TPM 2500 (Transducer Planar Manufacture) is based on the single-row magnet array of the TPM 3100, as featured in the Solitaire P, but the development team of the Herford-based audio specialists turned to a membrane and filters which are completely new developments. Both transducers were developed in the company headquarters in Eastern Westphalia, and are hand-made on site, as indeed are the headphones as a whole.

According to Development Director, Lothar Wiemann, one of the crucial core strengths of the headphones is this combined mode of working: “the development and production departments are closely interlinked, and the clear benefit is that new findings in either branch are immediately picked up by the other.”

In Wiemann’s opinion the Solitaire P-SE represents “a completely new and successful product within the Solitaire P series, constituting much more than just a little brother to the Solitaire P.”

Managing Director, Siegfried Amft, proudly states: “although the fundamental technology was already in existence, our whole team managed in just six months to produce yet another outstanding product which carries our philosophy in terms of sound and handling into a new price bracket.” At the same time Amft confirms that he embraces the company’s principle of a “top-down strategy” and will apply it to future models. “The hugely positive response to the Solitaire P, both in the press and with consumers, has certainly accelerated the development of lower-cost planar headphones, since this approach is an even more efficient method of enhancing our market potential.”

The new Solitaire P-SE also reflects another innovation in terms of the company’s headphone product nomenclature. “It is our intention that the name of each product should clearly show the technological series to which it belongs, but still be in a position to clearly define the flagship model of that series. That is the reasoning behind the SE suffix, as it will be used to define the entry-level model in each series,” explains Global Marketing Director Conradin Amft.

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T+A stands for “Theory and Application” in all areas of audio technology. T+A elektroakustik creates, optimises and produces Hi-Fi components of the finest quality at our company base in Herford.

All this is carried out with the constant aim of creating fully mature High-End products which make the emotional content of the music even more palpable to our customers. From audio systems via loudspeakers to accessories: the outstanding characteristics of T+A products are their extremely long product cycles, protracted effective life and extensive upgrade facilities. All the important components are designed and developed by the company itself, based in Eastern Westphalia. Products are manufactured in Germany.

Since 1978 T+A has been creating designs which combine contemporary trends with modern materials and timeless appearance. We have no truck with short-term hype, always preferring to create machines which remain elegant and powerful even after decades.