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T+A Introduces MUSIC RECEIVER – The multi-purpose amplified hub for all your music – whether digital or analogue.

19th October 2011 – T+A, Germany’s largest specialist audio manufacture, is pleased to announce the launch of its MUSIC RECEIVER into the UK market.  Designed to be the ultimate ‘hub’ for all modern and traditional music sources, the MUSIC RECEIVER combines classic analogue technology with the very latest digital circuitry and forms the universal command centre of a modern, truly high-quality stereo system.

Audiophile Digital Processing

At the very heart of the MUSIC RECEIVER is a refined 32-bit duel-mono digital to analogue converter, which makes the very most of any digital music content that is stored on a network, a computer or CD via the front-loading CD mechanism.  To make the most of other sources, five digital inputs (three x coax and two x optical) are supplied, with the coax inputs capable of 24-bit / 192 kHz processing for the highest quality.  USB media storage devices and iDevice products (including control and charging) can also be connected directly to the rear via the two x 2.0 USB sockets.    Making the most of the digital circuitry, a high-quality RDS FM tuner is also included.

Network-based Music Content

The MUSIC RECEIVER features T+A’s latest innovative Streaming Client board, which allows for either wired or wireless access to network music servers and Internet radio.  Compatible with all DNLA-compatible servers (UPnP 1.1, UPnP AV and Microsoft Windows Media Connect Servers), Internet radio can be easily set up using the vTuner internet radio service, which allows users to set up their radio playlists and favourites via the internet.

High-End Analogue Pre-Amplifier

The MUSIC RECEIVER is not just a digital hub though.  To make the most of ALL likely sources, the MUSIC RECEIVER features a high-end analogue pre-amplifier with three sets of analogue inputs (one in the form of a Tape In / Out), a pre-amplifier output for connecting to active speakers or additional power amplifiers, two sub-woofer outputs and one line-level output.  Other useful functions include balance and tone controls, loudness, flat function and a sub-sonic filter for easy set up with sub/satellite speaker systems.

Power On Demand

Enabling the MUSIC RECEIVER to drive even large and demanding speakers effortlessly and to the highest standards of quality, T+A have implemented its PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) output stage, which eliminates any problems caused by voltage fluctuations in the mains power supply, and thereby excludes the possibility of signal distortion induced by the power supply voltage.  When linked to T+A’s in-house developed switch mode circuits (using the very latest ultra-fast MOSFET transistors and high-energy intelligent driver modules) and the high-power toroidal transformer, the MUSIC RECEIVER is capable of nearly 100 Watts nominal output per channel into 8 Ohms.

Full Metal Jacket

To heighten the MUSIC RECEIVER’s audiophile credentials, the above electronics are all mounted in solid metal casework.  Heavy-duty pressure-cast side panels are precision designed to couple to the aluminium front panel and cover, which wrap around the solid steel chassis for the very best isolation from unwanted external vibrations.

The MUSIC RECEIVER from T+A is available now in the UK in either silver case with black side panels, black case with silver side panels, total silver or total black.  All finishes have a UK SRP of £2,690.00

For further details, go to http://www.ta-hifi.com/

To download the full press release with product specifications, click here.

T+A is distributed in the UK by Acoustic Brands Limited (ABL).  Contact details are:

Acoustic Brands Ltd
Tel: 07917 431280
Email: sales@acousticbrandslimited.com

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