Yamaha is proud to introduce a brand new family of MusicCast products, including streaming speakers, sound bars & a wireless subwoofer. Enjoying your favourite music or movies at home has never been simpler. With rounded styling over the entire range, every MusicCast family product compliments one another.

We’ve gone back to the drawing board to create all of the new MusicCast family. The MusicCast 20 is a compact streaming speaker that provides room filling sound thanks to its impressive 4 speaker design. Its circular design means it looks at home in any setting. Alarm & favourite 1,2,3 buttons can be found on top for ease of use without the need to use the app. Available in black or white finishes. 

A true stereo speaker now heads up our wireless speaker range, the MusicCast 50 is a low profile oval design which features dual aluminium woofers & dual horn tweeters to deliver a wide hi-fi sound. With analogue & digital inputs on board its equipped to be used in a number of different scenarios. Alarm & favourite 1,2,3 buttons are also featured. Available in black or white finishes.

Two beautifully crafted sound bars join the MusicCast line up, the MusicCast Bar 40 & MusicCast Bar 400. Both feature 6 speakers to create an immersive & exciting music or home cinema system along with a classy brushed black aluminium & rounded finish.  The MusicCast Bar 40 comes as a single unit, which is neat enough to fit in front of any TV or can be wall mounted to blend into any home environment.  A stylish sound bar with a slim line subwoofer, the MusicCast Bar 400 is a 2 unit system which includes a wireless subwoofer to get the best out of your favourite movies or music without those messy cables.

For the first time a wireless MusicCast subwoofer can be used to enhance new MusicCast products, the MusicCast Sub 100 comes in high quality gloss black or gloss white finishes. It uses an 8” forward firing bass driver to ensure clean & deep bass is experienced whilst listening to your favourite album or movie, which can be installed in a number of different MusicCast set ups. Use with a MusicCast 20, 50, Bar 40 or even RX-Vx85 AV Receivers. 

New RX-Vx85 series AV receivers open up a new world of entertainment, with even greater flexibility than ever before, building a home cinema has never be easier. New Yamaha tech, MusicCast Surround allows for the MusicCast 20 & 50 speakers to be used as wireless rears with all of this years MusicCast RX-Vx85 AVR’s. A re-designed remote & GUI is featured on the RX-V685 which helps simplify set-up & operation. 

Let’s Talk – Amazon Alexa is also on board, with Alexa voice control integration, all you have to do is say “Alexa, ask MusicCast to play favourite 1 in the kitchen”. The RX-V485, 585, 685 & RX-S602 all contribute towards a friendly & more “real world” home cinema experience for todays consumer. 

Yamaha’s MusicCast wireless music system allows high quality audio to be played throughout the home, now in up to 32 rooms. With the addition of built in 5ghz Wi-Fi, all new MusicCast products offer even greater stability. Soon the addition of Alexa voice control will add even more flexibility to the vast range of MusicCast products both current and new. 

Say goodbye to speaker wires! Yamaha brings you MusicCast Surround, a technology which allows a pair of MusicCast 20’s, 50’s or even a single MusicCast 50 streaming speaker to be used as wireless rears with over 10 MusicCast products including our new soundbars, RX-V85 & RX-A80 AV receivers. 

Immerse yourself in huge cinematic sound with the RX-A1080, 2080 & 3080 AV receivers. We are very excited to introduce Surround:AI; designed to deliver the most dynamic Yamaha home cinema experience ever. By learning & selecting the best Cinema DSP modes automatically whilst you watch your favourite movie, Surround:AI ensures the best sound field is created, transporting you to the best movie theatre in town; your very own living room! Bring that cinematic sound home with Yamaha. 

New GUI – Simplified, faster & more information per page. From the RX-V685 & RX-A880, an enhanced GUI is used providing a more user friendly experience, allowing for faster, more intuitive set up and adjustments to be performed.

New Remote – Simplified, better built & tactile buttons. From the RX-V685 & RX-A880, a brand new remote is used, simplifying operations & creating a better interaction with the product. From the RX-A1080 a backlit version is supplied, allowing easy operation even when the lights are off. 

Unleash an exciting new way to control your MusicCast system, Yamaha is proud to introduce Alexa on MusicCast. With Alexa voice control integration, all you have to do is ask. Over 40 MusicCast products offer full compatibility with Amazon’s range of voice control devices. 

The MusicCast Smart Home skill supports the most common, everyday voice commands you would use to control a single MusicCast AV receiver, sound bar, wireless speaker or Hi-Fi component, Hi-Fi system. These basic commands include power on/off, volume control, play/pause/ skip/previous, mute/unmute and input selection. This skill supports simple, Alexa-standardised commands such as “Alexa, switch input to HDMI 1 in the Living Room. “ 

The MusicCast skill goes beyond the basics, giving you enhanced control of unique MusicCast functions such as room linking, multiple room control, playback of MusicCast Favourites/Playlists and more. The commands are customised for MusicCast such as, “Alexa, ask MusicCast to play Favourite 1 in the Bedroom.” 

For more information on the new MusicCast Family, please visit the Yamaha website or contact Alan Porter on alan@napthineporter.com / ‭07922 073208.

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