The choice of radio station is a hot topic at Napthine Porter HQ. We are often at loggerheads over which station to tune into… so much so that we decided to dedicate a blog post to it. Check out team NPs favourite radio stations below.

“Emma – My Favourite radio station – KISS FM”

channelhero-kiss-logoWhether I am at home, in the car or sat at my desk I like to have KISS FM playing along in the background, long gone are the days of care free weekends out on the town, these days it’s all about looking after my home and kids. I thoroughly enjoy the KISSTORY hour and all the memories that come flooding back, I guess you could say it makes me feel more youthful than I am, I am currently listening to Free by Ultra Nate as I write this, today’s KISSTORY has been a good mix. I like the constant flow of music that comes with KISS FM, there is not a huge amount of chat allowing maximum music airplay.

I know there are a fair few people in the office who don’t agree with my choice of radio station and frequently remind me of this and enjoy being able to turn it over when I am out.

“Rebecca – My Favourite Radio Station – Absolute 80s”

Absolute-Radio-80s-logoAs expressed in the vinyl blog post, I just missed out on being an 80s child but that doesn’t stop me from being one at heart. I am obsessed with 80s cheese… Simple Minds, Kenny Loggins, Hall & Oates… some call me ‘Out of Touch’ (worst pun ever), I call it nostalgia. Alan doesn’t like my taste in radio stations but you can often hear Andy shouting “tune” from his office and Claire is regularly humming the words to Spandau Ballet’s ‘Gold’ from her desk. I am the founder of the “Emma needs to turn off Kiss FM” campaign.


“Claire – My Favourite Radio Station – Radio 1”

All the ingredients I desire to wake me up each morning, on the way to work and on arrival, are packaged up nicely into one man, the great Nick Grimshaw! Bubbling with friendliness, his ‘Happy Monday’ uplifting songs, ‘showquizness’ and low-key one-liners never fail to make me laugh out loud. I also like to keep up-to-date with any breakthrough artists via the ‘Live Lounge’ – always a bonus to keep up with the ‘young ones’ in this office although admittedly regularly listened to via headphones due to the said Kiss dominance! Important to say I am an avid supporter of Rebecca’s “Emma needs to turn off Kiss FM” campaign

“Alan – My Favourite Radio Station  – 6 music ” 8160394_orig

I hate mornings, I am not a morning person and I cannot stand chirpy happy people on a wet, cold miserable Wednesday, what are they so happy about? I don’t get it and I certainly don’t want to hear it or even worse engage with it. That’s why I listen to Shaun Keaveny in the morning, he fits my mood perfectly.


“Andy – My Favourite Radio Station – Absolute Radio” Absolute-Radio-logo

There is nothing I love more than listening to a great song whilst I’m getting on with work. Absolute Radio guarantees a familiar tune whether it’s from the 80s, 90s or today.


JoeMy favourite Radio Station – Fun Kids Livelogo200

Joe is currently on paternity leave and is destined to listen to Fun Kids Live until he is middle aged.