Lode Audio Introduces the LA1 single-zone music server

Offering the same industry-leading reliability as its 4-zone LA4, the single zone LA1 music server continues the company’s aim to re-introduce genuine Hi-Fi sound quality to the custom installation market.

14th October 2016 – London – Lode Audio, the UK-based audio company that creates products dedicated to the Custom Installation market, has introduced the LA1 – a single-zone music server that combines Hi-Fi quality performance with the control and reliability demanded by the custom installation industry.  The next stage in the Lode Audio product road map, which has already seen the LA4 4-zone music server receive wide acclaim from installers and users alike, the LA1 is 1U tall and 9 ½ “ wide (two units can fit side-by-side in a 19” rack) features high-end DACs capable of high-resolution audio playback, compatibility with the leading music streaming services including TIDAL and full integration into automation control platforms such as Creston, AMX, Control4 and RTI.

Built on Lode Audio’s patented LodeNet, the LA1 can be used as a stand-alone unit in a single-source multiroom audio system/dedicated Hi-Fi system or integrated with other Lode Audio products (LodeNet supports up to 64 zones per installation).  Thanks to the secure protocol of LodeNet, this is all achieved without the issues of interference, latency and outages experienced by many wireless-based audio systems.  Whether being used in residential, commercial, hospitality or marine, the LA1 is the ideal music server for any application.

lode_la1_rear lode_la1_front

Lode Audio LA1 Music Server – front and rear 

Real CI Integration
Crucial to the success of any CI product is reliability and control.  Developed over a four-year period, the Lode Audio music server range is built around the company’s patented LodeNet audio distribution protocol.  LodeNet is a low-latency digital matrix that offers up to 64 zones of groupable audio (each with Apple Airplay compatibility) for synchronous playback without the need of a hardware matrix. Lode Audio products automatically log on to the LodeNet matrix as soon as they are powered up, therefore requiring very little set up other than selecting and signing into any of the integrated market-leading music streaming providers, wherby one login gives access to every zone within the system.

Lode Audio products are controlled by the company’s proprietary IP protocol, removing any of the conflicts and time delays associated with more traditional UPnP-based devices.  Offering full wireless control via iOS and Android apps, control latency is negligible, whilst full browse control, super-quick cover art population, gesture swipe, single/grouped room control and full lock control (allowing the user to control volume, track forward/back and play/pause when their device locks or times out) are standard.  Significantly, the app has been designed to integrate seamlessly with third-party apps, offering full app-in-app functionality, enhancing the user experience.

Unlike other audio server products already available, Lode Audio products also offer total integration with third-party automation platforms.  With drivers already available for Crestron, AMX, Control 4 and RTi, features include dynamic browse and queue functions, as well as cover-art integration with a quick response time of background image change when tracks are skipped. 

Stream or Network Stored Content
All Lode Audio products offer full integration with the leading music streaming services available for both consumer and commercial applications.  For the commercial sector, Hotel Radio FM is integrated whilst internet radio and SoundCloud are available to all.  Where connected, off-line content can be easily navigated, giving easy local music library integration.

CI can be Hi-Fi
Dedicated to re-introducing high-quality audio performance to the CI market, Load Audio has spent considerable time developing the audio circuitry of its products.  With internal audio circuits featuring DAC’s capable of High-resolution music file playback and medical-grade power supplies, Lode Audio products outperform many of the popular consumer audio products currently being used due to convenience within CI.  With the LA1 (and LA4), installers finally have a dedicated music source that has been built for the application yet will deliver the performance desired by even the most ardent audiophile.

Built to Last – no matter what the application
To enhance reliability and reduce physical and electrical noise, all Lode Audio products have fan-less designs.  With the scourge of all CI products housed within equipment racks being heat dissipation, Lode Audio products are built in the UK to medical-grade specifications and feature chassis’ honed from single billets of aluminium for perfect heat distribution.  Testing is also extensive, with each LA1 soak-tested within a demanding test environment, well in excess of any normal operating situation.

Whether requiring a single zone source for a dedicated room/bar/yacht or looking to create a multiroom audio system that exceeds the performance expectations of the audiophile, Lode Audio’s LA1’s simple control and bullet-proof build/reliability should be the installers audio source of choice.

The Lode Audio LA1 is available from the end of October with pre-orders being taken now.

For further information about the entire Lode Audio product range, visit http://www.lodeaudio.com or follow us at

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About Lode Audio

Lode Audio is a UK-based audio company that creates class-leading music streaming products for the Custom Install industry.  Designed and manufactured in the UK, Lode Audio’s goal is to ‘own’ High Resolution audio content delivery in the Custom Installation Industry.

Lode Audio brings together real-world high-end custom installation knowhow with IT hardware and programming design expertise not normally associated with Custom Installation.  All products sit on the company’s LodeNet control platform, making them easy to use as stand-alone music sources or integrate perfectly into complex automation systems.

All Lode Audio products are designed and built in the UK to medical-grade specification.  Each products chassis a honed from a single billet of aluminium for perfect heat distribution, making them exceptionally reliable when housed in extreme conditions, such as hard-working equipment racks.

From residential multi-room music delivery through to complex commercial installations, Lode Audio products can be integrated simply into third-party control platforms and are used widely within the luxury hotel market as well as Marine.

For images, more information or to request a sample, please contact Andy Napthine on 07920 425166/andy@napthineporter.com

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