With Its New Apple Home Kit Compatible Range

The leading smart home provider Lightwave is excited to announce the release of its new range of products that are compatible with Apple HomeKit. The new certifiedGeneration 2 range consists of a new Smart Link Plus hub, Smart Lighting Dimmers, Smart 13Amp Plug Sockets and heating accessories. This new range enables users to set up a true smart home environment by simply replacing existing 13 Amp mains sockets, light switches and radiator thermostats, which can be controlled within the Apple Home Kit app and by Siri voice commands, along with Lightwave’s own dedicated app.

The new products launch through Lightwave and Amazon today, followed by the Apple webstore and Apple stores across the country later this year.

The new Generation 2 Lightwave range has been part of a two-year research and development program with new features including wire-free two-way switching and monitoring, built-in energy monitoring and colour changing LEDs to indicate status. The Link Plus Hub connects to the Wi-Fi router setting up the system, allowing users to control their Lightwave lighting, heating, power and security products through voice control via Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant, whilst also being able to use Apple Home and Lightwave apps. The Link Plus Hub supports this new range as well as supporting existing Lightwave installations (one-way communications only).

The Lightwave Generation 2 range launches with 3 products – the Link Plus hub, a dimmer switch and a 2-gang mains socket. The range will be increased over upcoming months – launching additional products across the lighting, heating and power ranges. Similar to the first generation range, Generation 2 will introduce plug-ins, multiple switches, thermostats and relays (to name a few).

The Lightwave Link Plus acts as the hub for connectivity. Once users have setup the Lightwave Link Plus, adding Generation 2 Lightwave mains sockets and dimmers in addition to products from the first generation collection (please note that 2-way connectivity does not work with first generation Lightwave products).

Connection to the Lightwave app is simple – users can download promptly from the Apple or Google stores. The app allows for setup of all Lightwave products, rooms and zones, and remote control of all compatible products. The interface has been refreshed to reflect the Apple Home Kit app and allows for a streamlined user experience.

For Apple Home Kit users who prefer to streamline with their existing setup, Home Kit connection is straightforward – allowing users to connect products by scanning the product code and linking within seconds.

Remote control is simple – with connection to an Apple TV, users can control Lightwave products from the office, hotel room or on the commute home. As standard with all Home Kit compatible products, Apple TV controls the remote functionality but is not required when accessing Lightwave products from the home Wi-Fi setup.

The 2-Gang Mains Socket easily replaces a standard twin-gang 13 Amp mains socket.  Allowing for wire-free 2-way switching, the socket provides plug-in access for mains powered products. Users can control the power of plugged-in products from the Lightwave app, Apple Home Kit, Amazon Alexa or GoogleAssistant – turning products on, off and scheduling power remotely.

The Generation 2 2-Gang Mains Socket features built-in energy monitoring – allowing users to monitor consumption from the Lightwave app. The new two-way communication also allows users to check how the products are functioning remotely.

The Generation 2 Dimmer easily replaces existing single-gang light switches and fits standard UK  single-gang back-boxes.  As well as being able to programme lighting scenes, it features built-in energy monitoring and 2-way communication. Remote control of lighting is made simple – users can control the level of lighting with ease from a smartphone, tablet or desktop. All from the Lightwave app.

The Lightwave Generation 2 range with Apple Home Kit compatibility is available from Lightwave and Amazon now. Apple Store and Apple Webstore availability coming shortly.


Link Plus Hub                          –           £129.95
Smart Dimmer (1 Gang)         –           £59.95
Smart Dimmer (2 Gang)         –           £99.95
Smart 13 Amp Socket             –           £59.95

Starter kits available

About Lightwave

Lightwave is a pioneer of the smart home technology sector and developed its first internet enabled devices in 2008. The Company’s market leading proprietary Internet of Things (“IoT”) platform, together with its applications and connected devices, provides its customers with fully integrated remote control and monitoring of light, heat, power and security.

Capitalising on the growing consumer demand for smart home technology, a market which is forecast to be worth $58bn by 2020, Lightwave believes its position of strength lies in its ability to provide customers with a platform to control a broad range of lighting, heating power and security devices through one App.

Lightwave was the first provider to offer this one-App solution and has since integrated its proprietary platform with other IoT platforms and branded smart devices, including Amazon Alexa and Google Nest.

For more information, visit the Lightwave website or contact Rebecca on 07912 289294 / rebecca@napthineporter.com

Samples now available.