Indoors, outdoors and even by the pool, the new P6-BT from Escape is a versatile, water resistant full-range high-fidelity portable speaker system that offers amazing sound.

Rugged yet elegant in form, the P6-BT takes much of its design from the companies award winning P9 speaker launched in 2017. Both products have been designed for users who want to enjoy high-quality audio from a portable speaker in the garden, on the patio or even, thanks To Escape’s weather-resistant casing, near the swimming pool or hot tub. The P6-BT has two full range drivers coupled with a 17cm sub-woofer powered by a 60 watt amplifier. The P6-BT can be paired with a second P6-BT to give the listener an amazing stereo performance, bass and treble can be altered and tweaked via the Escape control app.

Available in three subtle finishes (black, white and tan), the P6-BT is an elegant portable solution for music lovers who demand a better sound experience in and out of the house.

The Escape P6 BT shares many of the unique features of the P9. Made from the finest materials to listen to your favourite music in style. The P6 BT is the perfect balance between design and performance. Enjoy the harmonious interplay between the bass – midrange and treble thanks to the two exclusive and custom-made speaker drivers (same type as the P9) and a subwoofer with diameter of 17cm. (6 1/2 inch) A high-performance digital amplifier of 60 Watts RMS and powerful 24-BIT DSP processor ensure 360° sound reproduction fully in line with Escape’s philosophy – the passion for music.

Key features include:

  • IPX4 weather-resistant rated.
  • 8 hours of listening via a Powerful rechargeable Lithium Iron Phosphate battery.
  • Audiophile digital 60 watt amplifier.
  • Two powerful 24-bit DSP processors.
  • Stereo pairing when using two P6-BTs.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Dimensions – 55 x 20 x 20 (cm Height, width and depth)

Sound quality
The amazing hi-fidelity performance created by the P6-BT is produced by its two individual 3-inch fullrange drive units, combined with the integral 6-inch subwoofer. Utilising polypropyle (PP) cones with aluminium dust caps, linear flat spider, vented voice coil and a powerful optimized magnet structure, the four driver-array delivers detailed and accurate sound with a 360° omni-directional sound field. The subwoofer, which also features a polypropylene (PP) cone design, linear flat spider and vented voice coil combined with a custom-designed composite fiberglass reinforced basket and oversized magnet, faithfully delivers both powerful and deep bass reinforcement.

The entire system is driven by an extremely efficient 60 watt audiophile digital amplifier. Its sound is both tailored & user adjustable via the dedicated app, thanks to the on-board dual 24-bit DSP processors.

Rugged, portable and durable
Designed to work outdoors, the P9 offers a rugged yet sophisticated design, thanks to its stylish grill made of multi-filament polyester yarn with a soft look to create a natural material effect. The integral powder-coated die-cast aluminium carry handle makes it easy to move its relative lightweight 7.5 Kg around a terrace throughout the day, whilst it’s IPX4 weather resistant rating allows for it to sit by the pool all day and continue working faultlessly, even were it to be splashed by enthusiastic swimmers or left out in the rain. Full portability is available thanks to the P9’s integral rechargeable Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) battery, which delivers up to 8-hours of wireless listening from a single charge at high sound levels, 24 hours at low volume.

Available now, the Escape P6-BT is available in three colour options – black, white or tan – and has a UK SRP of £599.00.