In aid to get fit in 2016, so far I have (sort of) completed a bike ride across Ireland (please refer to Claire’s blog post – for that story), signed up to Tough Mudder 2017 and now I’m on a gym binge. I am officially ditching my desk chocolate, donning the tracksuit bottoms and slimming down for good. The aim is to get back to my 20-year-old self and I can’t do that without gadgets. I can’t go to the gym without earphones – they play Kiss FM and everyone in the office knows that Absolute 80s is my station of preference! Gadgets are essential for my gym bag and here’s a list of what I could not do without.

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Bye bye desk chocolate                                                      That time I fell off my bike

Groov-e Sports Clips

I actually took a pair of these to Ireland for the bike ride… sadly we weren’t allowed to listen to music whilst cycling (quite sensibly so) but they made a great companion for the flight! In the gym, they’re my lifeline. Sweat resistant, a comfortable clip around the ear for a secure fit and a competitive price (just £8.99 and available from Amazon – delivered in just a day with Amazon Prime membership).

Groov-e Sports Armband

I like to work out with ease and a comfortable sports armband is key for me. The Groov-e Sports Armband is perfect for this, as it has an adjustable strap that wraps around the arm with easy access. It also has a clear protective shield that allows you to use touchscreen phones. I use my iPhone for the gym and it fits snuggly into the armband. It’s also available in 3 colours (blue, black and pink) – obviously I chose pink. For just £11.99, again, it’s competitively priced and does the job I want it to when dying on the cross trainer.

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Sports Clips: Gym-Can’t-Live-Without                             A TIDAL subscription is essential

TIDAL Subscription

Although I love the radio, I can be quite fussy about what I listen to at the gym. I need fast-paced tunes that are suited to a fast-paced workout. Therefore, my TIDAL subscription is crucial for any gym visit. I have an offline playlist dedicated to the gym… consisting mainly of cheesy 80s songs. TIDAL also have pre-made playlists dedicated to fitness and they often make a great alternative when I’ve listened to my own too many times! When I’m at home, I also like to enjoy the perks of high fidelity streaming (another unique feature of TIDAL) and also make the most of any pre-sale concert tickets that are offered with the subscription! For just £9.99 it’s an absolute bargain!

Oh and in case you’re desperate to listen, here’s a link to my 80’s workout playlist!