Ateliers Diva, French car finisher for Porsche vehicles, has called on Focal, the french home audio and in-car loudspeaker experts, to design the sound equipment for its car creation: the 911 Diva. It is a proud moment for Focal, who has created a unique, high-end audio system that combines uncompromising performance and elegance.

From their Parisian premises, Sébastien Crubilé’s teams have elegantly and respectfully reworked the legendary Porsche 911 to deliver an extraordinary version. Their mission? To rediscover the aesthetics of the classic models of the 70s, combined with mechanics taken from modern competition but rendered more reliable for everyday use, to ensure all the trappings of the latest mod cons can be fully enjoyed. With every finish and every component of their project considered meticulously, Ateliers Diva surrounds itself with only the best partners. So, when it came to designing the ultimate audio system for the Diva, Focal and its incredible French expertise was a natural choice.

An exceptional car deserves an exceptional audio system: Focal has designed and developed the Diva’s on-board sound system in its entirety, from selecting the equipment to be installed, to the locations, the settings…The Porsche Diva is fitted exclusively with the 2-way kit 165W-XP, 100% made in France, and the ultracompact FIT 9.660, a product that incorporates the best of Focal’s technology in terms of amplification and DSP (Digital Sound Processing). The ultimate tool for the most exacting installations and one that combines ideally with the four speaker drivers distributed around the cabin to deliver high resolution sound quality.

Striving for perfection, the two French brands have achieved total excellence. Two years of research and manufacturing work; a customised audio concept; meticulous installation: the Porsche Diva is a car with unparalleled aesthetics and mechanics. Designed with performance and distinction in mind, as well as the emotions and feelings provoked by Focal sound, this is more than just a car: it is a prestige asset, a unique, haute couture creation that magnificently embodies French sophistication.

Available: now.
Price : on request.

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