Born in 1979 in Saint-Etienne in France, this year Focal celebrates its 40th anniversary. This fantastic milestone will be marked with a variety of celebrations by the French brand, renowned for its manufacturing expertise in sound solutions, and for always being dedicated to honouring the emotion of music and its customers. In tribute to forty years of passion, innovation and excellence in the High-Fidelity sector, Focal will shortly be announcing some special “40 year” products.

From local manufacturer to global brand
Focal’s first speaker driver manufacturing workshop was set up within a precision mechanics company in Saint-Etienne, France, in 1979. Forty years on, still in Saint-Etienne, Focal is extremely proud with what it has achieved and how it has expanded its industrial sites, now home to around 250 employees working for their CEO Christophe Sicaud. A leader in the home hi-fi loudspeakers market, the brand quickly went on to conquer the in-car sector, professional studios and the audiophile headphones sector, offering unique, high-end equipment. Today, alongside electronics expert Naim Audio as part of the Vervent Audio Group, Focal’s reach extends to all four corners of the globe.

Four decades of innovation
With speaker driver and high-fidelity loudspeaker development at its core, Focal has always routinely invested in acoustic research. Innovating to manufacture solutions that produce the most natural, warm and powerful sound. Innovating to satisfy every listening need and every audience, from newcomers to die-hard audiophiles.

At Focal, innovation applies as much to its technologies as it does to the tools it uses. The brand closely oversees every step in the creation of its Made in France products, from the development process through to its manufacturing techniques. This is a true guarantee of quality and durability, that also speaks of the spirit of progress rooted in the heart of Focal. Tools and technologies. Thanks to the cutting-edge research of its engineers, into cones and speaker drivers especially, between design and materials, the brand has built an impressive catalogue of patent-protected technologies. Focal has made revolutionary advances for both itself and for the world of High-Fidelity more generally, cementing its own singularity.

A “40 year” collection
Strive for excellence, always. Preserve the unique French expertise, as a matter of course: Focal was born from these values and has grown alongside them. They are its DNA and its strength. To mark its anniversary, the brand intends to continue its mission and its passion, as well as to commemorate its history. As such, this coming May, Focal will unveil a range of products specially developed for its 40th birthday at Munich’s High-End Exhibition. Exceptional sound solutions for the home, in-car and professional studios, combining heritage and modernity, to continue to bring music, design and emotions to life.

Let’s get the party started!