ELAC, a leading global provider of high-performance speakers and electronics, has announced the launch of its Miracord 80 Turntable.  Continuing its tradition of building world-class turntables that started in 1948, the Miracord 80, which was previewed at The High End Munich, is the brand’s latest range-topping vinyl source.  The high-mass belt-driven turntable features a 10” carbon fibre tone arm, solid wood plinth and optional dedicated MM (Moving Magnet) cartridge, manufactured for Elac by Clearaudio.

Since 1948, Elac has been making turntables with the Miracord range name first appearing in the early fifties.  The Miracord 80 is the latest in a long line of products and tops the range with its audiophile performance credentials combined with ease of use operation.

Milled from solid wood, the plinth is the important base that everything is attached to.  Finished in high gloss white or black or walnut veneered, the plinth is complemented by anodised aluminium panels that adds further stability and mass.

A belt drive system, the steel platter weighs a hefty 5.6 Kg to provide the necessary inertia for the system.  Supported on a complex bearing design, the platter is belt-driven by a PID servo-controlled DC motor whose optical control ensures perfect speed stability.  The newly developed 10“ tonearm is made from carbon fibre to offer both the strength and relative light weight that makes it the perfect mount for the delicate D96 moving magnet cartridge and stylus, which has been manufactured for Elac by Clearaudio.

The overall package (with or without cartridge) offers listeners a real musical performance, allowing them to enjoy their vinyl collections with minimal fuss.

Miracord 80 is available now in gloss black or walnut veneer. An optional lid is also available.