45-45-AU-11CD_45_M-trans21st October 2013 – Shepperton, UK – CYP, the world’s leading manufacture of AV switches and audio accessories, is pleased to announce the launch of its range of audio converters offering users the necessary connectivity options to gain additional functionality from their soundbars. Aimed predominantly at SONOS and other proprietary systems, the six-strong line up gives users multiple connectivity possibilities, enabling the full integration of soundbars into any AV system.

AU-11CD – De-embed Audio from HDMI (UKSRP inc VAT – £125.00)

Situated in-line with the HDMI signal, the AU-11CD gives users the benefit of ‘breaking out’ either an optical digital (up to 5.1 channel signal) or stereo analogue audio feed without affecting the integrity of the native HDMI AV signal. This is the ideal product for those wanting to connect a soundbar, for example the SONOS Playbar that only features a single optical digital input, to an HDMI-based system.

AU-11HB – Audio only HDMI Bridge (UKSRP inc VAT – £165.00)

To add audio to an HDMI-only system is now simple with the AU-11HB. Taking either an optical digital or analogue stereo input, the AU-11HB converts the audio signal to output via HDMI. Ideal for those wanting to add audio products (such as SONOS) to an HDMI or HDBaseT matrix distribution system, the AU-11CD also adds a ‘blue screen’ video feed into the HDMI signal path, so that any HDMI AV receiver or display will accept the audio signal for sound reproduction.

AU-D12 – 2-way Digital Audio Splitter (UKSRP inc VAT – £45.00)

A simple yet necessary accessory when digital outputs are numbered, the AU-D12 splits the optical digital signal yet maintains a reliable and loss-less audio signal transmission.

AU-D21 – 2-way Digital Audio Switch (UKSRP inc VAT – £45.00)

When digital inputs are scarce, the AU-D21 switch allows for an extra optical digital input allowing the simple selectable connection of an additional digital audio source. This is of particular use for users with SONOS Playbars who wish to add an additional audio source to its single input.

AU-D4 – Analogue Audio Converter (UKSRP inc VAT – £50.00)

For digital-only systems, the AU-D4 converts an analogue source into an optical digital output, allowing the additional connectivity options, such as adding an analogue-only source to a digital only soundbar.

AU-D41 – 4-way Digital Audio Switch (UKSRP inc VAT – £65.00)

The AU-D41 allows users to connect up to four optical digital sources and output to a single optical digital output without any lag during switching. Featuring ‘last memory function’ and an IR remote control, the AU-D41 is ideal for adding additional digital audio sources to soundbars that have a limited number of inputs.

All six products are available in the UK now. For product specifications, visit www.cypeurope.com


CYP is an industry-leading manufacture of connectivity solutions that enhance the capability of Audio Visual products in any installation environment. With over 25 years experience and 75 R&D engineers, the company is focused on ensuring all CYP solutions deliver the most robust and versatile performance possible, using advanced firmware and the latest industry chipsets. Its unrivalled product range and full time UK based technical support team ensures all of its partners have complete confidence when specifying CYP in a wide range of AV installations.

Its European Headquarters is based in Middlesex in the UK, from where it supports distributors, system integrators and installers throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Committed to offering the very best training for its products and the installation industry on the market, CYP provides its partners with complete confidence in the AVsolutions it delivers.

For further information, visit www.cypeurope.com

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