T+A (or ‘Theory and Application’) is one of Germany’s most respected high-end audio brands.  If anything sums up this company it is an absolute determination to produce products that reproduce music to the very highest standard of quality.  This drive runs throughout the company, which, having experienced it first hand, left us in no doubt that they needed, no deserved, to have a great representation in the UK.

Based in Herford in Eastern Westphalia (just outside Hanover), T+A develop, design and hand assemble every product in house.  The fastidious attention to detail and quality control procedures mean that the company’s products rightly deserve to have long life-cycles and an extended service life.  This all means that a T+A system is an ideal investment for the future.

What brings all of this together as a really great brand though is that the products do sound as good as they look and work.  The perfect combination then.

Working directly for T+A, we are proud to be responsible for all of its UK PR activities.

For further information, visit the T+A website or contact Andy on 07920 425166 / andy@napthineporter.com.

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