Established in 2007, Roth Audio is a British-based A/V company with a great passion for music and sound quality. Taking a great amount of pride in products, Roth ensures speakers don’t just sound remarkable, but that they look stunning too. Like pieces of furniture, Roth Audio understand that its products must complement personal tastes and home décor.

Incorporating the latest technology in products, Roth Audio also ensures that products are easy to use. Straightforward operating systems coupled with convenient features allow great technology to be fully accessible, making sure users get the very best out of their products.

Encouraged by Roth Audio’s great range of products and an impressive ethos, Napthine Porter are delighted use their extensive knowledge of the A/V world to bring more success to Roth Audio.

For more information, visit the Roth Audio website or contact Alan on 07922 073208 / alan@napthineporter.com

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