Already one of the best-known manufacturers of HDMI switches and distribution systems, CYP is at the forefront of HDBaseT technology.  Its comprehensive range enables integrators and installers to create systems that enable complete HDTV distribution throughout a residential or commercial property easily and without the traditional hassles that were once associated with such installations.

Being a market-leader of HDBaseT technology, CYP products offer the ability to run full 5-Play signals over Cat 5e/6/7 cable anything up to 100m away from a source and, thanks to the latest developments, also allows for IR control passback.  This technology continues to grow in popularity and is quickly becoming an industry standard for AV installations.

The company (CYP Europe) has an absolute drive to be the best at what it does.  The enthusiasm of its team is infectious and its training is second to none in the industry.

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