Kilmarnock – Atlas Cables, the engineering-led cable specialist, has introduced the latest development to its Mavros range of high end cables. The Mavros Grun USB features OCC (Ohno continuous casting) copper data and power conductors combined with low loss foamed polyethylene dielectric, innovative screening around individual conductor pairs and gold plated contacts. Atlas has also implemented their external Grun connection to route all interference to ground. The Mavros Grun will be available from March 2019 starting from £465 for a half meter length.

When designing the Mavros Atlas set out to Minimise reflective losses in high speed USB cables by improved termination methodology, higher purity conductors (OCC copper) and improved screening (Grun) leading to better consistency by length and improved fidelity. The Mavros Grun USB is at the pinnacle of what can be achieved with today’s materials and technology.

To ensure maximum available bandwidth is maintained through digital cabling numerous factors need to be controlled, Attenuation, Noise sources, Skin Effect, Dielectric loss, Intra pair skew, shielding and characteristic impedance. A combination of these elements add uncertainty into the digital domain, this uncertainty is called jitter and is the No 1 performance killer in digital audio systems.

Attenuation and Characteristic impedance

Atlas use OCC copper combined with low loss foamed polyethylene dielectric. The twisted conductors are identical in length with a constant distance maintained between the two.

Noise sources and Shielding

The MAVROS GRUN USB features improved screening via an improved shielding regime, this being augmented by a direct external connection (GRUN) into the system ground.

Skin Effect and Dielectric loss

The skin effect (higher frequency signals travel closer to the surface where the effective resistance is higher) and dielectric loss is combated by using very pure OCC Copper and a new highly stable and improved low loss foamed polyethylene dielectric.

Intra pair skew 

Atlas control and manage the twist ratios within the cable ensuring every individual internal conductor is a matched length.

Mavros Grun USB type A/B, A/B micro will be available in the following lengths finished in black anti vibration fabric:

Mavros Grun 0.5m –                                      £465.00
Mavros Grun 0.75m –                                   £480.00
Mavros Grun 1.0m –                                      £495.00
Mavros Grun 1.5m –                                     £525.00
Mavros Grun 2.0m –                                     £555.00
Mavros Grun 3.0m –                                     £615.00
Mavros Grun 5.0m –                                     £735.00

Each Mavros cable is supplied with a 1.0m GRUN cable as standard to enable simple low noise connectivity.


High-resolution images available here.

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Atlas Cables originated in Scotland in 2001 to bring high quality no-nonsense cabling solutions to audiophiles the world over. Their range of hand-made cables consists of interconnects, loudspeaker cables, digital cables and video cables (including HDMI) along with a new range of mains products. Recent technology and testing developments have meant that they can now show real answers to questions posed about the effects that cables have and the importance of the materials used in the design. Atlas cables are priced from £45 and are available in over 30 countries worldwide.

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