May 2017 – Kilmarnock – Atlas Cables, the engineering-led cable specialist, has introduced the latest addition to its range of cabling solutions – the Grun Coherent Earthing System. Conceived for use with the company’s range-topping Asimi and Mavros analogue interconnects, the Grun system essentially provides an independent earth, negating RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) and EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) commonly found in homes due to the proliferation of wireless data transfer and dirty power supplies that degrade the overall noise levels of an audio system.

Key USPs of the Grun solution include:

  • Screen connectivity directly to earth as opposed to modulating system 0v
  • Improved transparency of OCC conductor material and wideband dielectric
  • Effective delivery of crimping (as opposed to soldering)
  • Symmetrical topology with an independent ground
  • Upgradable solution

As opposed to typical RCA cables that connect to system 0v, Grun works by connecting the cable screen directly to earth. The result of this is the elimination of circulating currents in the cable screen and the removal of any modulation of the 0v at the screen connection point.

What’s all the noise about?

Arguably one of the defining obstacles in achieving listening perfection… noise. Although many of the ‘noises’ affecting a system’s performance are within a frequency range that is beyond what a human can detect, once eliminated, the overall experience is vastly improved. Mobile phone interference and WiFi networks all contribute to this unwanted noise, that manifests itself as distortion.

The Atlas Grun Coherent Earthing system addresses this problem by providing an ‘independent’ earth and connecting straight to the ground.

Grun Coherent Earthing System Options:

Symmetrical Connection – Grun connectors are ‘capped’ with Atlas end caps.

Pseudo Balanced


Grun connectors are connected to a spare RCA socket on the back of the amplifier.

NB – Pseudo Balanced Grun connector come packaged with all new Asimi and Mavros stereo RCA analogue interconnects.

Independent Ground #1


Grun connectors are connected directly to earth via dedicated ground tag on the back of an amplifier or the Atlas Eos Modular 4.0 mains management system.

Independent Ground #2 


Grun connectors are connected directly to earth via a dedicatedmains plug (UK 13A, Schuko and Nema versions available).


With immediate effect, all Atlas Asimi and Mavros RCA stereo analogue interconnects will be shipped with ‘flying’ ground leads on each connector and a Grun RCA adaptor, allowing for connection out of the box in a pseudo balanced configuration.

Asimi/ Mavros Ultra Upgrades

Existing Atlas Asimi and Mavros owners will not miss out thanks to a factory upgrade option that incorporates the Grun System into their cables. Users need to return their cables to the factory to be modified with new Grun green anodized RCA plugs, Grun earth connectors and Grun pseudo balanced adaptor.  The upgrade will cost £350.00 inc VAT excluding shipping back to the customer. 

The Atlas Cables Grun Coherent Earthing System is available across the Asimi and Mavros lines now.

UK Pricing

Grun Cables:

Spade – Female            –           1m       –           £105.00
Spade – Spade             –           1m       –           £105.00
Female – Female          –           1m       –           £105.00
Spade – 2 x Female      –           1m       –           £150.00

Grun Adapotors:

2 x Female – RCA         –           0.3m     –           £145.00

NB – this adaptor is supplied with all Asimi and Mavros RCA cables

Grun Power Adaports

2 x Female – UK13A      –           0.3m     –           £185.00
2 x Female – Schuko    –           0.3m     –           £225.00
2 x Female – Nema       –           0.3m     –           £225.00

All prices include UK VAT at £20%

Review samples are available now.

Atlas Cables contact details for publication:

Atlas (Scotland) Ltd
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Troon Road,
Scotland, UK

Tel: +44 (0) 1563 572666

Notes For Editors

Atlas Cables originated in Scotland in 2001 to bring high quality no-nonsense cabling solutions to audiophiles the world over. Their range of hand-made cables consists of interconnects, loudspeaker cables, digital cables and video cables (including HDMI) along with a new range of mains products. Recent technology and testing developments have meant that they can now show real answers to questions posed about the effects that cables have and the importance of the materials used in the design. Atlas cables are priced from £45 and are available in over 30 countries worldwide.

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