A Few Words About Us

Founded in 2010 to offer clients the very best in out-sourced media communications, Napthine Porter has grown to be a full-service agency that offers the consumer electronics industry the very latest skills and techniques to get its clients and their products the exposure they require.

We Want To Learn

We are totally hands-on and pride ourselves in knowing as much about a client and its products as we can through constant evaluation and benchmarking.  From a hand-held bluetooth speaker or set of headphones through to a full multichannel cinema system or recording studio mixing desk, we set up and test every product before we take it to the media. As we understand the technology, we are able to create compelling content and media pitches that get noticed.

We Nurture Relationships 

We treat the media as individuals, tailoring our pitches depending on the recipient.  Through research, we know how our media contacts like to receive information and work within their requirements so that they feature what we have pitched to them.  This personal approach enables us to reach a wide-range of media and receive coverage that would normally be considered technical in consumer-focused publications.

We Meet Face-To-Face

We are hands-on and aim to personally deliver as many of our client’s samples as possible.  This ensures that each journalist understands how a product works and has all of the information they require.  It’s a small point and one that most would not see as important but we feel our methods are vital for on-going relationships.  Our media contacts trust that we will only deliver products that are 100% ready to go.

We Are Creative

Ultimately, we love playing with the products we work with.  This gives us the edge to create exciting media campaigns along with excellent social media content for our clients, as we know the audience we are trying to reach.

Meet The Team

Stating that we have the best team is a bit of a cliché but we genuinely believe that.  Yes, we have over 50 years of collective experience but it is what we are working on right now that is important.  Crucially, everyone at NP loves technology, as you will see when you visit us.

Oh, and the pool table is real and often used.  There is no pressure to play when you visit although the team is always up for a fresh challenger…!!

Andy Napthine

A self-confessed gadget geek, Andy is the strategist in the group and enjoys getting to grips with the all-important detail to make the most of every campaign.  His ability to spot and create opportunities has lead to significant coverage, and his easy-going nature backed up with vast industry knowledge enables him to forge strong relationships with both the media and within the consumer electronics industry.

With nearly two decades experience working for two of the UK’s most respected audiovisual brands (Denon and Bowers & Wilkins), Andy’s experience crosses sales, marketing and PR.  It was during his time at B&W that he developed his PR skills, running extensive campaigns both in the UK and internationally that significantly lifted the brand’s profile.  This invaluable experience gave Andy the skills to start his own PR business, which lead to him to form Napthine Porter with Alan a year later.

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Alan Porter

Alan is driven by a passion for technology and a natural talent to grasp where and how products can fit into a market place.  His combination of energy and tenacity often leads to extraordinary coverage and his ability to work with the media to create compelling features is exceptional.

Alan started his career in a Sussex seaside town working in an AV store as a Saturday boy. Soon he traded the relative calm of Worthing for the hustle and bustle of Tottenham Court Road in London’s West End where he polished his sales and negotiation skills.

Alan has since worked for some of the most prestigious brands in the consumer electronics industry. TEAC (Area Sales Manager), REL Acoustics (International Sales and Marketing Manager), Chord Electronics (International Sales and Marketing Manager) and DALI Loudspeakers (UK Market Manager) have all benefited from Alan’s experience and enabled him to hone his PR skills prior to setting up Napthine Porter.

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+44 (0)1225 580649

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