TIDAL Rising #7

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boezqmb4qp6spo9wuy2lWithin just 4 years, Regan ‘Ta-ku’ Mathews has evolved from a self-taught student of music into a scholar of progressive beat production, cultivating a sound that has since resonated to all corners of the globe. As an astute observer of the melodic elements of soul music and the percussive elements of hip-hop, Ta-Ku takes influence from beatsmiths such as J Dilla and DJ Premier.

“I’m currently listening to Ta-ku’s album ‘(m)edian’ – a collaboration with Wafia. It’s really chilled and great for winding down to” Emma


Grace Mitchell

tumblr_o3ktnrIoyW1uidhteo1_1280Grace Mitchell is 16, from Portland, Oregon, and she has the musical ability of a woman who is older and wiser. Her voice is polished and powerful, and her songwriting is confident. There’s pop appeal here, but it’s deeper than the bubblegum sounds we’re used to hearing from teens who are still finding their footing. She’s only in high school, but she’s been making music for seven years—almost half of her life. And at only 16, Grace Mitchell sounds very sure that she’s doing exactly what she’s supposed to be doing.

“I first heard Grace Mitchell from her cover of Hall & Oates’ ‘Maneater’. I rediscovered her on TIDAL Rising and her fresh sound continues to impress me.” Rebecca


Nick Hessler

nick-hessler-soft-connectionsBack in his teenage years, Nic Hessler’s limited-run lo-fi recordings as Catwalk were inspiring enough to earn him a deal with Captured Tracks. The young California singer-songwriter inked a deal in 2009 at age 18 and was preparing for his first tour in 2011 when he was stricken with Guillain–Barré Syndrome, an autoimmune disorder similar to Multiple Sclerosis. He was partially paralyzed and unable to play guitar, so his future as a musician seemed bleak. But Hessler overcame the disease, and four years later he’s back with a  new album under his own name. Soft Connections is a  collection of guitar-driven power-pop, and lead single “Heart’s Repeating” beautifully exemplifies its appeal. Shimmering guitar parts and crystalline vocal harmonies abound, and a brisk pulse carries the song forward with a rush similar to riding a bicycle down a hill with your hands raised to the heavens.

“I like the guitar-driven tones of Nick’s music. His music is upbeat, on-trend and powerful.” Joe


TIDAL Rising is a program dedicated to artists from around the globe who have passionate fan bases and are ready to broaden that base to a wider audience. Tidal Rising was built to help accelerate the exposure that artists who are on the verge of breaking big need to gain through exclusive features to Tidal subscribers.

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