TIDAL Rising #3

It’s time for Team NP to share their musical wisdom and reveal their top picks from TIDAL Rising’s catalogue of upcoming artists this week.

Bibi Bourelly


The Berlin born singer/ songwriter made her mark on the industry when she wrote Rihanna’s ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ but songwriting is not her only talent… Bibi Bourelly has a powerful voice of her own. With recent singles ‘Sally’, ‘Ego’ and ‘Riot’ proving her talent, her debut album is sure to be a hit.

There’s something really gritty and powerful about her voice. I listened to ‘Sally’ on repeat the first few times I head it!’ Rebecca


ToldTold Slant

Formed around up and coming artist Felix WalWorth. Told Slant calls itself a ‘bedroom punk band’. Imagine The Killers meet The Shins for cold brew at your local indie coffee shop.

‘I love the classy guitar riffs and mellow vocals from this group. Slightly alternative but slightly brilliant.’ Joe


FriedmanAdam Friedman

A triple threat: a songwriter, producer and artist. Inspired by artists like Sam Cooke and Jack Johnson, Friedman created his latest single, Lemonade. A real kickback  song meant to put a smile on your face, Friedman describes the style as an ‘eclectic mix of songs that combine pop production with acoustic storytelling’.

‘A catchy tune, and a really awesome album cover! One of those songs that could easily be on repeat all day long.’ Emma


GlaserCaroline Glaser

Nashville-based Caroline Glaser is an indie-folk artist and songwriter. Originally from St. Louis, Caroline first developed her love for music performing open mic nights at her local coffee shop and making YouTube videos. She found success on season 4 of The Voice and has since toured across the country with groups such as Straight No Chaser, Kris Allen, Us the Duo, and more. Known for her ethereal voice, and often compared to Daughter, Feist, and First Aid Kit, Caroline’s self-titled album delivers a mix of indie folk and cinematic pop.

‘Love tapping into this album at work – Heartfelt indie folk with a voice beyond her years.’ Claire

TIDAL Rising is a program dedicated to artists from around the globe who have passionate fan bases and are ready to broaden that base to a wider audience. Tidal Rising was built to help accelerate the exposure that artists who are on the verge of breaking big need to gain through exclusive features to Tidal subscribers.

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