CESHV-FI7th January 2014 – International CES, Las Vegas – Venetian Hotel Room 30-115 – T+A, Germany’s largest specialist audio manufacturer, announces the launch of five exciting new products at CES in Las Vegas.  Increasing its range of high-end HV (High Voltage) audiophile hifi separates  T+A has added a pre-amplifier (p 3000 HV), a stereo/mono power amplifier (A 3000 HV) and stand-alone power supply for the A 3000 HV (PS 3000 HV).  In addition, T+A has added to its Criterion speaker range with the CWT 610 W SE subwoofer and introduces the CARUSO Blu – the all-in-one compact stereo system.

Here are the features in brief:

  • P 3000 HV – UK SRP £9,500 – State of the art analogue pre–amplifier that delivers the highest audiophile sound quality and performance. Features include HV (High Voltage) design, 7 x unbalanced / 4 x balanced inputs, identical ‘double-mono’ circuit construction, significant internal shielding with each section housed within its own compartment, complete discrete design with no op-amps used for superior sound quality, totally linear and interference-free power supply with totally separate analogue and digital supplies (each with their own power input!), high-end headphone amplifier.

Click here to view pdf of full HV Series product description and specification.

  • A 3000 HV – UK SRP £11,900 – T+A’s ultimate Stereo/Mono Amplifier with more than 500 Watts output power per channel and an enormous ability to deliver current. Features include HV (High Voltage) design, single-ended or balanced input, identical ‘double-mono’ circuit construction, 10mm thick internal shielding between power supply and amplification circuitry to prevent interaction, huge 1000 Watts torroidal transformer sealed in an aluminium enclosure, zero-feedback design, Class A large signal stage, fully symmetrical current amplifier stage (fitted with MOSFET drivers and the latest “thermal tracking” bi-polar output transistors).

Click here to view pdf of full HV Series product description and specification.

  • PS 3000 HV – UK SRP £7,900 – An additional power supply unit for A 3000 HV to increase output power and current capability. When connected via T+A’s ‘Power-Link’, the A 3000 HV internal power supply drives the sensitive input stages and high-voltage amplifier; the PS 3000 HV therefore supplies the power output stages. The net result is a substantial improvement in the current delivery capacity and stability of the system as a whole, effectively isolating the A 3000 HV from the load currents and mains-induced interference which can have an adverse effect upon sound quality.

Click here to view pdf of full HV Series product description and specification.

  • Criterion TCD 610 W SE subwoofer – UK SRP £3,770 – The updated version of the TCD 610 W, the SE features 2 x new 26cm (10″) drive units with specially designed aluminium baskets with narrow struts in order to avoid air turbulence, and is designed to allow the use of special long-throw cone surrounds and centring spider.  Powered by a new 1000 Watt amplifier with digital processing, the TCD 610 W SE can be automatically calibrated to any room using the included microphone.

Click here to view pdf of full Criterion TCD 610 W SE product description and specification.

  • CARUSO Blu – UK SRP £2,990 – The CARUSO Blu is an all–in–one complete stereo system in a compact form.  Compatible with all of the latest formats (BluRay, CD, DVD, Internet radio, Network music servers, USB storage media, Bluetooth music transfer from mobile devices, DAB+ and VHF radio), the CARUSO Blu can be used as either a stand alone audio system using its internal speakers or, via its pre-amplifier outputs, connected to active speakers such as T+A’s own CM Active monitors.

Click here to view pdf of full CARUSO Blu product description and specification.

All products will be available in the UK during Q1 of 2014.

For product images of all of the above products, click here.

For further information, please contact Andy Napthine at Napthine Porter at andy@napthineporter.com / 07920 425166.