Put a ‘spring’ in your family’s step this Easter with Groov-e

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Put a ‘spring’ in your family’s step this Easter with Groov-e

One of the UK’s leading family entertainment technology brands ‘Groov-e’ has the perfect range of gifts to tune up your family in time for the Easter holidays, without the need for chocolate!

1400x1400_GV591BG-3Kiddiez Stereo Headphones with Volume Limiter

Keep your kids safe and sound this Easter with the latest Groov-e family favourite Kiddiez headphones available in violet/pink and blue/green. On the go or at home, parents can keep the peace and protect young ears with a clever volume limiter that lets kids get on with the business of growing up without you needing to worry. UK Retail is £12.99


1400x1400_GV897P2Streetz Stereo Headphones

Turn up the volume on your travels or at home with Groov-e’s Streetz headphones. Streetz are stylish, lightweight and give the wearer total comfort and volume control coming in a choice of seven stunning colours. Ideal for iPod/MP3, Gaming, PC, Portable DVD. UK Retail is £14.99


1400x1400_GVCH2200ALLPortable Power Stick Charger

Portable power with elegant intelligent design that charges your devices and knows when to stop. Groov-e engineers have developed the Power Stick Battery Charger to give you powerful efficient performance in a pocket sized form. Ideal on the go, with 2200 amphours of back-up power, for use with mobile and smart phones, tablets, e-readers, GPS, cameras and more. Available in a range of stylish colours. UK Retail is £19.99


1400x1400_GVM10GroupTraditional Soprano Ukuleles

British acoustic music is the envy of the world right now and your children know it, so make the most of the Easter holidays and create the next no.1 artist. Groo-ve have launched their range of Soprano Ukuleles, in a range of six funky colours, using a simple design making it easy for beginners to play a complete song with ease. UK Retail is £27.99


1400x1400_GVSP155RD2Soundwave Bluetooth Speaker with Mic

Take Groov-e’s portable party Soundwave Bluetooth speaker with you on your travels this Easter. Soundwave is a handy sized portable speaker that packs a big bass punch and comes in a range of stylish colours and unique contoured design. With wireless Bluetooth connectivity Soundwave is ideal for trips to the surf or at peace in the garden and lets you stay in touch with your family and friends. UK Retail is £49.99

For further information about Groov-e and its products, visit http://www.groov-e.co.uk

For images, visit http://napthineporter.com/image-library-2/groov-e/

For product samples, contact Deborah Kelly at Napthine Porter on 07711 846410 / deborah@napthineporter.com

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