Polk Audio Introduces MagniFi Mini Sound Bar that Delivers Massive Sound in Any Space

The New MagniFi Mini Sound Bar and Wireless Subwoofer Offers Dolby Digital Surround Sound and Integrates Google Cast™, and Bluetooth for the Ultimate Home Theater Experience

 CES Las Vegas 6th January Polk Audio, a high-performance audio brand with a 40 plus-year legacy of sound engineering and design, announced its first ultra-compact home theater sound bar, the MagniFi Mini (£349). The ultra-narrow sound bar and included slim wireless subwoofer are ideal for small spaces like bedrooms and smaller living spaces, delivering fully immersive home theater surround sound via 5.1 Dolby Digital and an array of technologies, including Polk’s patented Voice Adjust™ technology, which improves vocal clarity for crystal clear dialogue. Additionally, the MagniFi Mini is capable of wireless music streaming directly from a smartphone, tablet or other compatible device leveraging Google Cast or Bluetooth, making it the ideal all-in-one sound bar for home entertainment. 

Despite its small stature, standing at only 13.4 inches long and 3.1 inches tall, the MagniFi Mini packs four 2.25 inch drivers and two 12mm tweeters into its compact frame, producing rich, room-filling sound. The included slim wireless subwoofer unloads deep bass, perfectly complementing the sonic spectrum and providing the impact needed to deliver a truly immersive listening experience. Additionally, with Polk’s patented SDA surround technology and 5.1 Dolby Digital decoding, movies and music come alive without sacrificing valuable space. 

“As home entertainment solutions continue to evolve, and TVs continue to become thinner, sound bars are increasingly in-demand for users looking to boost their home theater and ultimately their TV watching experience,” said Michael Greco, global brand director, Polk Audio. “In-step with Polk Audio’s tact for innovation, the MagniFi Mini delivers the performance of sound bars more than twice its size. It’s also the only compact sound bar that comes standard with a wireless subwoofer, HDMI, Google Cast, and Polk’s patented Voice Adjust and SDA surround sound technologies.” 

Polk’s latest sound bar option makes it incredibly easy for users to personalize their home theater and music listening experience. Featuring Polk’s patented Voice Adjust technology, which emphasizes vocals independent of program material and volume level, users are met with clean, crisp dialogue whether sitting directly in front of the TV or off to the side. The sound bar also features Night mode, dropping the low frequency response of the sound bar and sub’s driver array, reducing the amount of sound that carries, so sleeping roommates or family members are less likely to be disturbed. Additionally, the MagniFi Mini offers several one-button preset EQ settings, including Movies, Music and Sports, optimizing the sound bar and subwoofer to provide the clearest dialogue, surround sound and bass for the best audio experience. 

With Google Cast integration, users have the ability to control music from an array of Cast-compatible audio apps on their mobile devices and have them play through the MagniFi Mini. Additionally, with the advent of Google Cast’s multi-room audio, the MagniFi Mini can be paired with any Google Cast-enabled speaker around the home for an ad hoc whole-home audio system at a fraction of the cost of competing mesh audio systems. For ultimate ease-of-use, the MagniFi Mini is universally compatible with any television, cable box or satellite IR remote control, eliminating the need for multiple remotes and comes with both an HDMI and optical cable for easy connection to TVs. 

MagniFi Mini is available now at Amazon, and other national and independent retailers. For more information on Polk’s collection of sound bars and products, please visit polkaudio.com. UK SRP £349.99.

About Polk Polk (www.polkaudio.com) is an award-winning designer of high-performance audio products and the largest audio brand of Sound United. Founded in 1972, Polk is the market share leader in premium home theater speakers in North America, and is a leading manufacturer of sound bars, headphones, wireless speakers, mobile and marine speakers and amplifiers, and other high-performance audio products. For more information on Sound United and its brands, visit www.soundunited.com. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. 

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