PM1-front8th August 2014 – United Kingdom – OPPO Digital (, the renowned manufacturer of high performance universal Blu-ray disc players and Planar Magnetic headphones, has announced the availability of a new set of lambskin leather ear pads designed to slightly increase the treble response of its PM-1 Planar Magnetic headphones.

Following the release of the PM-1, customers have provided valuable feedback with a small number expressing interest in increasing the treble response. OPPO’s acoustic designer responded with an alternative ear pad design, featuring a slightly elevated treble response while maintaining the excellent bass and midrange performance.

From September 2014, all new PM-1’s will include the three ear pad designs (original lambskin and original velour plus the newly designed lambskin ear pads) in the package so that customers can choose which they prefer.  For existing customers, OPPO is offering the new alternative ear pads free of charge (including shipping) as a goodwill gesture, allowing customers the chance to try the new design for themselves.

The new ear pads are expected to be available late August 2014 and the offer will remain open to all existing PM-1 customers until 31st July 2015.  Customers who have already purchased the EU version of the headphones should contact the original retailer who supplied the PM-1’s to arrange delivery of the new ear pads.

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