What do a Koenigsegg, a speed boat and a speaker have in common?

CfwA5kOXEAEzdjmEarlier this week we took a handful of British technology and lifestyle press to Oslo to attend the launch of luxury audio brand IXION. The two day excursion saw us discovering the highlights of Oslo, mingling with the Norwegian press and exploring the IXION factory, talking economics with politician Karstein Eidem Lovaas and discussing luxury cars with celebrated industrial designer Bard Eker. Did I mention that we journeyed on a rib boat through the Norwegian fjords into the sunset too?

IXION was founded in 2009 by Tom Austad and holds firm roots in traditional radio engineering. IXION has been developed from the respected Tandberg Radio brand and upholds its quality reputation. The renowned Norwegian industrial designer Bard Eker (notable for designing the Koenigsegg and the Hydrolift) was also involved in the design of the range – highlighting just how exclusive the brand is.

The Norwegian and British press were invited to attend a launch event at the IXION factory in Tonsberg – the event included exclusive talks with Tom Austard, Bard and local politican Karstein Eidem Lovaas. After a successful launch, the British press were taken to the harbour, where they were surprised with body suits, life jackets and a rib boat! Expert guides took the group on an hour journey down to Verdens End ‘Worlds End’ – at the very southern peak of Norway. Guests were stunned by stunning weather and scenery… and to top it off, a fine dining experience with panoramic views of the Norwegian coast. All in all, a jolly good trip!

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