Groov-e Introduces New Range of Portable CD and Cassette Players for 2016

GVPS110_2~redAffordable electronics manufacturer Groov-e has launched a brand new range of retro themed audio products for 2016. Groov-e are known for producing affordable consumer electronics – retailing through the likes of Tesco, Wilkinson and World Duty Free.

With a growing appreciation for higher quality sound, an emphasis has been placed on enabling audio devices with DAC (digital to analogue converter) – allowing CD quality music to be played through more modern devices such as MP3/4 players. However these devices often come with a hefty price tag… Groov-e are going back to basics with its new range of retro portable CD and cassette players. Priced between £17.99 and £34.99, the products are affordable for all and are designed ‘just how we remember them’.

For the audio buff…

For those who want to appreciate CD quality music or have a library of CDs gathering dust in the attic, the Personal CD Players are the perfect solution. The basic player retails at £24.99 and supports CD, CD-R and CD/RW playback. For an additional £10, the upgraded player features a 99 song MP3 player and FM radio… bringing a touch of modernity to a truly retro product.

For the oldies…GVPS525_2
The retro range is especially ideal for golden oldies who are not familiar with more modern forms of audio players. The Cassette Player retails at just £17.99 and features both an FM radio and recorder – perfect for recording favourite Radio 4 shows. It’s familiar design and easy to use features are perfect for the older listener and will give them the perfect excuse to take a trip down memory lane with their old cassettes.

For the 90s kids…

Rewinding to 1996… Britpop is booming and the Spice Girls are about to make their debut. Santa has delivered the best thing since Adidas Poppers and the pocket money has been saved for a lifetime to purchase a first ever CD. The Portable CD Player was the epitome of 90s childhood and the days of the early NOW CDs can now be relived from as little as £24.99.

For those 90s kids who hand recorded the latest episode of Top of the Pops, just to hear Robbie or the Gallaghers sing them to sleep, the Cassette Player will certainly jog a memory or two. Even those brief moments when the recording was disrupted by a call for dinner or a sibling fight over the remote… for as little as £17.99, 90s nostalgia can be brought back to life once again.

Personal CD Player
RRP: £24.99
Available in Red, Black, Blue & Silver
Supports CD, CD-R and CD/RW playback
Earphones included
20-track programmable memory
LCD display
Low battery indicator
Anti-skip protection
Requires 2x AA batteries or 4.5V mains adaptor (not included)

Personal CD Player with FM RadioGVPS210_1~silver

RRP: £34.99
Available in Black & Silver
Supports CD, CD-R, CD/RW and MP3 compatible
FM radio (with 40 presets)
Earphones included
99-track (MP3) and 20-track (CD) programmable memory
LCD display
Low battery indicator
Anti-skip protection
Requires 2x AA batteries or 4.5V mains adaptor (not included)

Personal Cassette Player & Recorder
RRP: £17.99
One touch recording function
Built-in microphone
AM/FM radio
Earphones included
Detachable belt clip included
Requires 2x AA batteries or 3V mains adaptor (not included)

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