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For the Love of Vinyl

A vinyl revival is gaining momentum, as more artists choose to put their work on record and fans rediscover a favourite that has been hidden away in the attic for decades…

Groov-e recently launched a range of seriously retro turntables that not only look fantastic in the home but allow fans to play their golden oldies in style.

When the stock arrived in the office, we got far too excited for our own good and couldn’t help but reminisce on our favourite vinyl of all time. Here’s a sneak peek!



My first record ever purchased on vinyl 1982: Musical Youth – ‘Pass The Dutchie’

8 years old and purchased this with my well earnt pocket money (had to wash my dad’s car numerous times to afford this), trying to impress my very first crush (who didn’t even know I existed – sob sob) ‘Lawrence Kipps’ – and yes I purchased it from Woolworths!!!




My earliest memory of vinyl: Queen – ‘It’s a Kind of Magic’

Sadly, I just missed out on being 80s child, so I don’t have many memories of vinyl however my parents had a huge collection. My brother and I loved our dads Queen vinyl and ‘It’s a Kind of Magic’ was our favourite. Many memories of dancing around the living room to it!



Growing up with vinyl: Billy Joel – The Stranger

As a kid, I grew up on a healthy dose of Stevie Wonder and Billy Joel- with The Stranger one of the albums that I always loved and still enjoy. It’s got everything, from the silky ballads of ‘Just the Way You Are’ and ‘She’s Always a Woman’ to the bouncy rock of ‘Only the Good Die Young’. I reminds me of my mum putting it on and me playing an imaginary piano in the lounge!



School Summer Holidays: The Foundations – Build Me Up Buttercup

I don’t recall seeing much vinyl around my house as I was growing up but, my grandparents had a huge collection and I do recall this song being played by them in their house, this would normally lead to me having a little dance around their lounge, I have lots of memories from very happy times during my summer holidays stay with them through my younger years.



The vinyl I learnt the bass guitar to: The The – ‘Soul Mining’

My favourite album that I have on vinyl is by the band The The and is called ‘Soul Mining’.  It brings back loads of memories from my youth, sitting in my bedroom as a petulant teenager and was introduced to me by my older brother.  It was the album I learnt to play the bass guitar to (the track Uncertain Smile has a great bass line by Camelle G. Hinds and a piano solo by Jools Holland no less!) and introduced me to politics in music. Ultimately it introduced me to music outside of the ‘hit parade’ (Claire will know what I mean by this!) and one of the first ‘proper’ albums I bought – fabulous!! Oh, and I have my original vinyl version, the 30-year re-master vinyl version and two versions of the CD, so I guess you can say that I still like it!!


… and Alan only streams!


The Groov-e Classic and Vintage Turntables are available from from just £39.99.

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