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ACS was established in 1994 as a company dedicated to hearing conservation and the manufacture of custom-fit products for hearing protection.

Following the introduction of the world renowned ER-Series hearing protectors designed specifically for musicians, and its first in-ear monitor, the T3, ACS rapidly built a reputation for itself amongst musicians and music lovers alike.  ACS went on to develop its own range of hearing protection filters and introduced the PRO Series, which is now the industry’s go to hearing protection product and is worn by thousands of people the world over, extending beyond the music sector into industry, military and motorsport.

With a growing reputation amongst musicians and audiophiles alike, ACS has continued to develop its in-ear monitors, introducing a new range of monitors aiming to provide excellent fit and sound for all. Consumer and pro audio specific models has enabled ACS to better meet the needs and desires of its customers.

The continuing development of its product line and a need to innovate in all areas still drives the company to deliver the best in both products and service for which it has become renowned, understanding that each product is a one-off item and each customer is completely unique.

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